Full Breath Cycle

Full Breath Cycle is a sequence of works that combines the live breath of the acoustic shakuhachi flute with live digital video and electronically mediated sound.

Duncan Chapman – live sound
Stewart Collinson – live digital image
Mike McInerney – shakuhachi


Empty Breath

as part of Making New Waves 2005
Sunday 27th February 2005: Trafó Arts Centre, Budapest

Turning Breath

as part of Sonic Arts’ EXPO 2009
Saturday 26th September 2009: Left Bank Centre, Leeds


Rising Breath

as part of ICCI 360 Festival 2010
Wednesday 15th September 2010: City Centre, Plymouth

as part of ICCI 360 Weymouth 2012
Saturday 17th August 2012: Weymouth Pavilions, Weymouth


Speaking Breath

as part of St John’s Organ Project: Restoring the Future
Monday 13th May 2013: St John’s Church, Notting Hill


Rising Breath 2016

as part of Seeing Sound 2016
Saturday 9th April 2016, Bath Spa University

as part of Noisefloor 2017
Thursday 4th May 2017, Staffordshire University