Events 2011 – 2014


November 2014

Logothetis Ensemble

at Faithful!2014
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Thursday 20th November, 7pm: Berghain, Berlin


September 2014

30-Minute Theatre

for SoundArt Radio
Saturday 20th September, 8pm: Kingsbridge Inn, Totnes, Devon

Damage Limitation (Emma Welton 2014)

as part of Relight my Fire
Thursday 25th September, 7.45pm: Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter

Global Japan Culture Showcase

as part of Japan400
Saturday 28th September, 1pm: Guildhall, Plymouth



May 2014

Ghosts of Peace and Conflict

with Werner Durand and Michael Neil
Saturday 3rd May, 3pm: Oehna Dorf Kirche, Niedegörsdorf 14913, Germany



August 2013 – February 2014

The Logothetis Ensemble
Ghia Tin Ora (1975), Fantasmata (1961), Enklaven (1967)

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Saturday 17th August 2013: N.K., Neue Kölln, Elsenstraße, Berlin
Friday 24th January 2014: Alte Schmeide, Vienna

Plymouth Contemporary Music Festival 2014 ‘Thinking Music’

Sunday 9th February: Roland Levinsky Theatre 1, Plymouth University


October 2012

WordQuest at Kent’s Cavern

with Philip Robinson – bazouki and noises, and Emma Welton – violin
18th October: Ilsham Road, Torquay




September 2012

Listening for Lost Voices (2012)

for shakuhachi and Morse code transmissions
Review here
8th & 9th September: Die Teufelsberg Heri-Tage, Teufelsberg, Berlin



August 2012

Music for the NCCPG
(National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens)

Thursday 2nd August: North Boreston, Moreleigh, Devon





Wind and Water in 360°

as part of the UK Cultural Olympiad 2012
with Chandra Chapman, Duncan Chapman and Carly Lake
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Saturday 17th August: ICCI Arena, Weymouth Pavilions, Weymouth




February 2012

The Logothetis Ensemble

Music For a Very Large Space
at Plymouth New Music Festival 2012
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Saturday 11th February: Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth University



December 2011

Open Ears

at Spitalfields Winter Festival 2011
Wednesday 14th December: Shoreditch Church, Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JN



October 2011

The Logothetis Ensemble

at Neue Töne Open
The Logothetis Project
More info
Thursday 20th October – Friday 21st October: Galerie Babel, Uhlandstraße 26, Stuttgart



March – April 2011

Drive in Deco

for building, performers and musicians
with Part Exchange Theatre Co.
music by Alexis Kirke

31st March – 9th April: Colin Campbell Court car park, Western Approach, Plymouth


March 2011

A Thousand Cranes for the Victims of the Fukushima Earthquake

music to accompany paper folding


organised by Tamami Benjamin


Wednesday 23rd March: Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

Saturday 26th March: Milton Abbot Village Hall, West Devon



February 2011

Interfaces (2001)
(duet version)

as part of Plymouth Contemporary Music Festival 2011
with Matt Lord, guitar
Saturday 12th February, 1pm: Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth






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