Mike McInerney works with interactive technology, computer-generated sounds and live processing to create new music for Japanese shakuhachi flute, and other instruments.

As a scholar, he writes about challenges in the Western tradition of notation and interpretation, the shakuhachi as an optimal interface with new technology, and the works and ethos of the Viennese visionary composer, Anestis Logothetis (1921 – 1994).

Mike teaches composition and music aesthetics in the school of humanities and performing arts at Plymouth University. His PhD is from Dartington College of Arts, UK, where he studied under the composer Frank Denyer.

Mike's teachers (Click to open)

Frank Denyer – composer

Yoshikazu Iwamoto – shakuhachi master

Celia Lister – calligrapher

Jo Peach – pianist and scholar

Véronique Piron – shakuhachi

Tanchu Terayama – Zen master calligrapher